Hire Us to Fix Your Faulty Roof

Get roof repair services in Garden Ridge, TX

Has your roof seen better days? You don't want to let roof damage issues go unresolved. Doing so can lead to all kinds of issues that could end up costing you a fortune. If you need roof repair services, turn to the pros at RHR Roofing. We offer residential roof repairs in Garden Ridge, TX.

We can tune up your roof, so you don't have to worry about leaks and other problematic issues. If your roof is beyond repair, we'll suggest a complete replacement. Reach out today to get a free estimate.

Discover all the ways we can optimize your roof

Whether you have a leak or missing shingles, we've got you covered. We can:

  • Repair leaks
  • Seal exposed nails
  • Seal exposed fasteners
  • Patch holes and cracks
  • Replace missing shingles


If you need residential roof repairs in Garden Ridge, TX or surrounding areas, turn to RHR Roofing. Call 210-420-6640 today to schedule roof repair services.