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Roofing Services


Some of the more common types of roofing problems that require repairs are:

  • Broken Shingles or Tiles
  • Blistering Parts or Cracks in the Roof
  • Gutter Clogged & Standing Water
  • Roof Leaks
  • Shingle Granules Coming Off
  • Shrinkage


Hail damage is one of the most prevalent reasons for roof repair in San Antonio and the surrounding communities. Hail or storm damage may not be easily identifiable or even visible. If there is leak or damaged shingles due to hail or a storm, it is likely you can file an insurance claim and we can assist.


Every type of roof has an average lifespan. Homeowners typically will be looking at replacing their roofs between 15 and 20 years. We provide a free inspection of your roof and record any damage identified. We can deliver a hassle-free roof replacement estimate.

Additional Services


Gutters have many benefits that include:

  • Moving excess water away from your home’s foundation, ensuring it doesn’t become cracked.
  • Preventing erosion along the sides of your house
  • Removing water that can lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

With a lower possibility of leaks, gutters can help protect your home. You can put your trust in RHR Roofing with your property.

Solar Panels

Adding solar panels to your home has become more and more common with the rising cost of electric bills, and it provides many energy efficient benefits to homeowners. When it comes to having your roof replaced, you might be concerned if you have existing solar panels. RHR Roofing provides special attention and care to your products during your roof replacement process, so you don’t need to worry.


Working with home builders is very exciting. Here at RHR Roofing we understand project coordination strategies that effectively work to get the job done and enjoy helping people’s new home dreams become a reality. 


RHR Roofing specializes in modified bitumen, TPO, metal, or any other type of commercial roof system. Rhett Higgs is a generational roofer and has spent his entire life in the commercial roofing industry. His spectrum for commercial roofing has a wide variety from smaller projects to multi-million dollar projects.